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Recommended US Soccer Player Development Initiatives including Field Dimensions

The LVYSL is playing 7v7 for U10's.   U8 play will follow the 4v4 format.

 LVYSL Modified Game Guidelines  
 u12u15 guidelines w u15 small side.docxU10 guidelines.docx
Disregard U8 guidelines, they will be updated ASAP
Field Dimensions 
 Field Dimensions 7v7.docx Field Dimensions 9v9.docx 




Ball – Size 4

# Players – 7v7

Field – 35 to 45 yards wide by 55 to 65 yards long

Goals – 6 x 12 or 6 x 18 (must be anchored or weighted down)

Penalty Area – 10 yards by 12 yards



Ball – Size 3

# Players –4v4

Field – 35 x 45 yards

Goals – 6' x 4"

Penalty Area – None
Playing Guidelines - Click Here


PLAYING RULES: (No Deviations – No Exceptions)


Heading: Players at this age U12 and under are not allowed to intentionally head the ball. If violated, the opposing team will get an Indirect Free kick.


Referees: Home team must supply referees and they may not be a coach or an assistant. If you pay them, please do beforehand and respect their calls and also remember most of the U8 & U10 referees are young and NEW.  Treat them with respect or we won't have any in the future.


Length of Game:  U10 - Two (2) twenty-five (25) minute halves – 5 minute half-time interval
                             U8 - Four (4) eight (8) quarters - 5 minute half time interval

FIFA Rules apply to all games… (with the following exceptions)


Offside: No offsides in U-08 or U-10, but continuous offenders are to be instructed by the coaches. We asked that you teach and instruct players in regards to the offsides rule at practice.


Fouls:All kicks are indirect; No penalty kicks: If a foul is committed in the penalty area, the ball will be placed at the top of the penalty area, straight out from where the foul was committed, and it shall be an indirect kick.


Substitutions: U10 - Allowed on goal kicks, after a goal is score, and on your own throw in. They are also allowed on opponents throw in IF opponent is also substituting. The coach must signal a substitution request to the referee who in turn must grant permission for the player to enter the field. Players are to leave and enter the field at mid-field.
                       U8 - Allowed at any stoppage by either team 


Throw-Ins (U8 only): If a player commits an illegal throw in, the player will be allowed to take to retake it. The referee should explain to the player the reason why it was illegal. If the re-throw is illegal a 2nd time, the opposing team will take the throw-in.


Coaches: Are not permitted on the field during the game and must stay within coaching box, unless called on by the referee; they are responsible for fan conduct; must be registered with Risk Management


Players: No jewelry is allowed to be worn unless for medical purposes.  If medically necessary, it must be taped and secured to the body so as not to be a safety concern to any player


Fans: Must sit on opposite side of player’s bench. They may not sit behind the goals. Also, no artificial noisemakers allowed (cowbells, airhorns, etc.)



U15 – REGULATIONS & DIMENSIONS: (revised for small-sided gms)

Ball size – 5

# Players – 9 v 9

Field – 45 to 55 yards wide by 70 to 80 yards long

Goals – 6 ft high x18 ft wide or 7 ft high x 21 ft wide (must be anchored or weighted down)

Referee fee - $54.00 (1/2 fee is owed by each team) paid prior to start of match

Game length - 35 minute halves


Ball size - 4

# Players – 9 x 9

Field – 45 to 55 yards wide by 70 to 80 yards long

Goals – 6 ft high x18 ft wide or 7 ft high x 21 ft wide (must be anchored or weighted down)

Referee fee - $46 (1/2 owed by each team) paid prior to start of match

Game length - 30 minute halves

REPORTING OF GAME RESULTS: (home team is responsible to enter the cire within 48 hours of completion of the game)
·        NEW FOR SPRING 2021 -- Score Reporting Link

·         Scores and standings will be compiled on the league website

·         Failure to report the score within 48 hours of the game time will result in a $10 league fine.



·         FOR POOR WEATHER on DAY OF GAME – Home team shall call visiting coach and the referee coordinator 2 hours prior to game time. Attempt to reschedule an alternate date/time.

·         FOR RESCHEDULING A GAME – Coaches that must reschedule a game must contact the opposing coach NO LESS THAN 7 DAYS PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED GAME. Within 7 days of the game, you must contact the League Board for approval. There is a $15 rescheduling league fee per game.


It is the responsibility of the HOME TEAM COACH to contact Larry Freet, the Referee Coordinator, at [email protected] or call 717-376-6082 with the new game information. Please copy the league Scheduler Paul Wehrman so the website can be updated.



  • Make sure fields are properly lined, corner flags in place, nets in good repair and tied down, and goals anchored. The game cannot be played if they are not anchored. Any violations will result in league-sanctioned fines.
  • Respect the calls of the referee.
  • Prior to the start, clubs shall turn in 3 properly filled out lineup sheets to the Referee, complete with name, jersey # and pass numbers. The Referee will sign the copies and distribute them to each club. Any infractions will result in a fine to the club.
  • No spectators are allowed to watch the games from behind the goals or the player’s bench and all spectators should be seated on the opposite side of the field from the player’s bench.
  • Coaches are responsible for conduct of all fans; they should remain within their own coaching box and not cross the center line nor run down the line (10 yards from end of bench); also, no artificial noisemakers allowed (cowbells, airhorns, etc).
  • A maximum of 3 coaches per team are allowed in the bench area.
  • Players are not allowed to wear any jewelry unless for medical reasons and made safe.  Also any medical jewelry must be approved by the referee prior to the game.
  • Substitutions are allowed on opponents throw-ins as long as they are also substituting.
  • (U12 only) Per EPYSA guidelines, no intentional heading of the ball is allowed. Infractions will result in an indirect free kick.

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