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Constitution and Bylaws of the LVYSL



(Updated March 2022)



This organization shall be known as the Lebanon Valley Youth Soccer League, Inc. or LVYSL.


Section 1 – This organization shall be responsible for promoting, fostering, and advancing the cause of youth soccer within the territory of Lebanon Valley under the jurisdiction of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), and the Federation International De Football Association (FIFA), and to guard the interests of the teams in the youth divisions.


The Lebanon Valley Youth Soccer League is an affiliate of, and shall comply with the authority of Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer (EPYSA), US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and US Soccer Federation (USSF).


Section 1 -The governing body of this organization shall be the Board of Directors and it is their right to transact business in the name of the LVYSL.

Section 2- The members of the governing body are the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Statistician, Referee Coordinator, Risk Management Coordinator, and Past Presidents and they have the powers and authority as determined by the Bylaws. The term of office shall be one (1) year or longer, if elected. Officers may hold more that one (1) office.

Section 3 – The Board of Directors may designate any place, within or without of the state of Pennsylvania unless otherwise prescribed by statute as the place of meeting for any annual or regular meeting or for any special meeting.

Section 4 – Notice of meeting. Written or printed notice stating the place, day and hour of the meeting shall be delivered not less than ten (10) nor more than sixty (60) days before the date of the meeting, either personally or by mail or by email, by or at the discretion of the President, or the Secretary, or the officer or persons calling the meeting, to each board member and member club entitled to vote at such meeting.

Section 5 – Quorum. A majority of the board of directors, represented in person or proxy, shall constitute a quorum at a meeting of the board of directors. If less than a majority are represented at the meeting, a majority of those present may adjourn the meeting from time to time without further notice. At such adjourned meeting in which a quorum shall be present or represented, any business may be transacted which might have been transacted at the meeting as originally notified.


The order of business at the monthly meetings will be Roll call, Secretary’s Report, Minutes/Acceptance of Reports of Officers and Committees; Unfinished Business; Constitution, Bylaws and Rule Change Proposals; New Business and Elections. Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern this organization in all cases in which they are applicable and which they are not in conflict with these by-laws.


Section 1 – The LVYSL shall be dissolved in the event it shall cease to carry out the purpose herein set forth or upon the unanimous vote of the Executive Board and the Members Club’s representatives present and voting, each at their own separate meeting.

Section 2 – Upon dissolution of this organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of Section 501 C (3) of the IRS code or shall be distributed to the Federal government or to a state or local government, for a public purpose.


Section 1 – Proposing Amendments: Amendments may be proposed by any qualified member at any time, and shall be submitted in writing to the President who shall present such proposals to the Executive Board.

Section 2 – Adoption of Amendments: A 2/3 vote of the Executive Board present and voting shall be required in order to indicate Board approval of a proposed amendment. Upon approval by the Executive Board, proposed amendments shall be presented to the subsequent League meeting for a first reading. Proposed amendments shall be read for a second time and voted upon at the next League meeting subsequent to the first meeting. A 2/3 vote of the member clubs shall be required to adopt any amendments.


Section 1 -In the event of a conflict between the constitution and the by-laws, the provisions of the constitution shall control.

Section 2 - EPYSA/USSF rules supersede state rules where EPYSA/USSF sponsored competitions are concerned.






1.     Membership will consist of such clubs that have met the requirements of written application to the Secretary and have been approved by a majority vote of the voting members in attendance at a league meeting. Membership will not be restricted by race, color, creed, religion, national origin or ethnic group.

2.     Disciplinary powers against clubs and individuals shall be in accordance with the provisions in the By-Laws.

3.     Each and every club that is accepted to membership agrees to support, accept and adhere to the Constitution and By-Laws of this organization.

4.     Each club in good standing shall be permitted one (1) vote on all issues requiring approval of "member clubs". The recognized voting official shall be either the club representative or his designee. The members of the League Board will not have a vote on any issues requiring approval of “member clubs”, with the exception noted in Voting, Section 3 (The presiding officer shall not be permitted to vote except to break a tie vote.)


Any member club may be removed from membership for cause subject to approval by a minimum of 2/3 vote of the Executive Board and member clubs. Cause shall mean any member club’s failure to adhere to any policies of the LVYSL or failure to enforce such policies within its club.                            


1.     Each member club, in good standing, shall be permitted one (1) vote.

2.      A "voting member" will be allowed only one vote. A voting member must be in attendance and voting at the time an issue is under consideration. Proxy votes are not permitted.

3.     The President or presiding officer shall not be permitted to vote except to break a tie vote.



1.     The officers of the Lebanon Valley Youth Soccer League, who shall also compose the Executive Board, shall consist of the following: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Statistician, Referee Coordinator, Risk Management Coordinator, and Past President.

2.     The term of office shall be two (2) years or until their successor assumes office. The President, Registrar, Scheduler and Risk Management positions shall be elected during odd-numbered years; the Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Referee Coordinator shall be elected during even-numbered years. Officers may hold more than one (1) office. Past Presidents who serve 3 or more years shall be permanently grandfathered as a non-voting member in an advisory role.

3.     Nominations for officers shall be made during the October meeting or at the beginning of the November meeting before elections are held. Unless preapproved by the President, nominees must be present at the time of nomination and accept the nomination in order for them to be considered for a vote. Elections shall be at the November meeting and be conducted by ballot. In the event of a tie for an office, a re-vote will be taken. Vacancies that occur during the year will be filled by the President's selection.


1.     Executive Board

Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Statistician and Referee Coordinator, Risk Management Coordinator and Past President after the year 1991 with three (3) or more years as President of the LVYSL. They will meet at the request of the President for emergencies on matters demanding immediate attention. The board shall have the power to settle all disputes or protests, and enforce the laws of the game, the rules of the USSF, EPYSA, and the LVYSL.

2.     President

a.      Preside at all league meetings and executive meetings.

b.      Appoint chairmen of all standing and special committees.

c.       Perform all the duties normally associated with the office of President.

d.      Notify the league of all occurrences requiring game suspensions of individual players, e.g. presenting a red card.


3.     Vice President

a.      Assist the President in the performance of his duties.

b.      Exercise all the powers of the President during his absence or incapacity.

c.       Maintain the official copy of the league Constitution and By-Laws.

d.      Receive all game reports submitted by officials.


4.     Secretary

a.      Establish, keep and maintain a record (minutes) of all meetings of the league.

b.      Review the prior minutes at all league meetings.

c.       Conduct all league elections.

d.      Attend to all written correspondence.

e.      Minutes will be distributed via mail or email by the final day of the month in which the meeting was held.

5.     Treasurer

a.      Account for all expenditures and deposit all income of the league.

b.      Establish and maintain a detailed financial record.

c.       Pay all bills and obligations.

d.      Prepare an annual budget and present to the league for approval.

e.      Submit a financial report at least once a year to the league membership.

6.     Registrar

a.      Develop and maintain a record (Roster) of all member clubs.

b.      Develop and maintain a record of all member clubs and directors with addresses and telephone numbers and provide this information to all member clubs.

c.       Organize the registration of member teams as specified by EPYSA, USYSA and USSF and provide the necessary forms for such registration.

7.     Scheduler

a.      Develop and maintain league/division game schedules, standings, scores and provide such information to the appropriate media and general league membership.

b.      Schedule the playoff games with the assistance of the President and the respective club representative(s) of the field(s) being used.

c.       Maintain the league Website.


8.     Referee Coordinator

a.      Assign qualified officials to all league games as specified by the league schedule.

b.      Coordinate the organization of Referee courses as required.

c.       Responsible for addressing any issues that arise from referee actions and inactions.


9.      Risk Management Coordinator

a.      Develop and maintain policy and procedures on Risk Management set forth by LVYSL and EPYSA.

b.      Assure completion and maintain on file each club member’s Code of Conduct.

c.       Assure completion and provide guidance of all required training to all clubs for Risk Management, concussion training and background checks.

d.      Represent LVYSL as the delegate to the Annual General Meeting (AGM), with expenses covered by LVYSL.  


A.     The President will send out announcements with the date, time and place of meetings. LVYSL will meet at least 8 times per year for a spring and fall soccer season.

B.     Any club that fails to provide representa­tion for 5 league meetings within 1 year shall be declared in poor standing and will be ineligible to vote for 1 year and a fine may be assessed by the board.

C.     Barring cause for appeal, failure to pay fines by August 1 of the following year shall cause the delinquent club to be declared in poor standing. Clubs in poor standing shall be ineligible to participate in further competition until the proper financial obligation has been fulfilled.

D.     At the discretion of the LVYSL Executive Board, a mandatory coaches meeting may be scheduled prior to the start of that season. Each team entered in that season is required to have a representative present or be subject to a fine as stated in the bylaws.



The President shall appoint a chairperson for the special committees as needed.


A.     The league’s financial year shall run from January 1 to December 31.

B.     The financial affairs of LVYSL shall be administered by the Treasurer

C.     An annual review of the league’s financials shall be conducted and presented to the Executive Board and the General Membership.

D.     Any checks written for $1000 or more must have two LVYSL officer’s signatures.


A.     Player Registration

1.      A seasonal year shall run from September 1 to August 31 of the following year.

2.      Upon request, each player may be asked to provide proof of age (EPYSA requirement).

3.      Each club and team must register their coaches and players with EPYSA, submit proof of registration and completion of Risk Management thru EPYSA.

4.      A club may not register additional players 14 days after the first scheduled game, except in the event a club or team disbands. Players from that team may then register with an affiliated club provided they do not displace a previous registered player.

5.      Rosters will be locked no sooner than 14 days after the 1st scheduled game. Any changes will require approval from the executive board. Fall and spring rosters will be determined separately.

6.      A player may only play for one club in the LVYSL during any individual season.  

7.      A player may register for a second team during the seasonal year, as a secondary player in a different age group, if within the same gender.  Should the secondary           team be the opposite gender, the player is permitted to be rostered in the same or different age group as the primary team.  All secondary players must be                         approved by the league registrar in advance and must be properly designated as such on the league approved roster. 

8.      There is no limit to registered coaches.

9.      No player may play more than one age division higher than their age appropriate division

10.   All clubs must have a Code of Conduct policy that must be reviewed and acknowledged by each player, parent/guardian, and coach each seasonal year.

11.   Travel players are defined as a player having a current travel team player pass.

12.   All players playing in an LVYSL-sanctioned game must be legally and properly registered.  Any team or club playing a non-rostered or unregistered player in a LVYSL-sanctioned game will be subject to sanctions, fines, and fees according to the LVYSL policies in place.

B.     Team Registration

1.      Clubs must register their teams no later than the February meeting for Spring season play and August meeting for Fall season play. Any deviation will be at the discretion of the Executive Board due to time allotment between said meeting and start of play for that season.

2.      Each division must have a minimum of 4 teams for competitive play unless otherwise agreed upon between teams registered and the Executive Board.

3.      Where multiple teams of the same gender and age are registered in the same division, the following criteria shall be applied:

·   1 Team – Must enter in White division

·   2 Teams (or more) -  Must enter 1 in White division

If a club desires to deviate from the above guidelines it must specify its reason and gain approval by a majority vote at the meeting the registrations are due. Approval of those teams being placed in a lower division will not be eligible for Red division championship.

4.      If a Red division has less than the required teams they will be moved up to the White division.

5.      Teams playing 11v11 may register a maximum of 4 travel players on their roster; any size team less than 11v11 may register a maximum of 2 travel players. Travel players are defined as a player having an identifiable pass.

6.      No Travel players may be rostered on a Red division team.



A.     Youth Amateur Players in the LVYSL is one who has not yet reached the age of nineteen (19) as defined by EPYSA and US Youth Soccer.

B.     Age limits and Roster limitations – Unless registration numbers warrant modifications, age divisions shall be comprised of players as defined in Article VII, Section A:

1.      Under 16 years of age

2.      Under 14 years of age

3.      Under 12 years of age

4.      Under 10 years of age

5.      Under 08 years of age


C.     Maximum rosters. The maximum number of players rostered for each team shall be double the number allowed on the field. (example: 11v11, allow 22; 8v8, allow 16, etc).



Except as provided herein, FIFA “Laws of the Game” shall apply to each and every game within the jurisdiction of the LVYSL.

A.     Length of Games and Ball Specification

U16 2-40 minutes halves        #5

U14 2-35 minutes halves        #5

U12 2-30 minutes halves        #4

U10 2-25 minutes halves        #4

U08 2-25 minutes halves        #3


B.     Overtime Periods

1.      Regular season - No overtime periods will be played during Regular season games.

2.      Playoffs – Two (2) 10-minute golden goal periods will be played with teams alternating directions. If the outcome has still not been decided, teams will then complete five (5) alternating penalty kicks as per FIFA “Kicks from the Penalty Mark”. If the score remains tie, both team will take one (1) alternating penalty kick until a winner is determined.

C.     Substitutions - Substitutions shall be unlimited and be made with the consent of the referee at the following times:

1.      Prior to a throw-in possession (or non-possession if other team is substituting)

2.      Prior to a goal kick - either team

3.      After a goal by either team

4.      For an injured player, by either team 1 for 1, when Referee stops play

5.      At half-time

D.     Line-up Card - Each team in age U12 and higher must present the Referee with 3 copies of the line-up card before the start of the match. These forms must be signed by the Coach. Line-up cards must contain all registered players of the team with jersey number and player pass number. If a line-up card is not completed properly, a forfeit and/or fine may result as follows:

1.      No shirt number or player pass number listed.

2.      A player playing in a game when his name is not on the line-up card.

3.      Ineligible player listed on the line-up card, whether or not the player plays.  

E.     Game Schedules

1.      The schedule of game shall be developed and coordinated by the Game Scheduler and Executive Board. The schedule and number of divisions necessary shall be dependent upon the number of teams registered in each age division.  

2.      All teams will play a minimum of 6 games in the Spring season with a start date to be determined by the Executive Board, and a minimum of 8 games in the Fall season, commencing on the Saturday after Labor Day.  

3.      The Scheduler and President will schedule any playoff games with the assistance of the club representative hosting the games for field availability.

4.      Both teams are required to report game scores of all regular season games to the Scheduler, by 12 noon each Monday, previous week’s games, via email or other agreed upon media. All scores will be posted on the league website by Monday evening. The info shall include club affiliation, date of game, game number, and score of both teams.


F.     Playoffs – To be held on the weekend following the end of each fall regular season and ideally the first weekend in November.

1.      The top 4 teams from each white division ages U12 and higher will compete in a 1v4, 2v3 format on Saturday (Semifinal round) with the winners playing on Sunday for the Championship round.

2.      LVYSL will utilize a 3-referee system for all games and will pay all fees for the Championship round and the AR fees for the Semifinal round. Clubs will each pay ½ the Center fee for the Semifinals only.

3.      The higher-seeded team is the home team and responsible for changing jerseys in a conflict.

4.      Tie-breakers for playoff seeding for teams tied in points is as follows:

a.      Head to head competition (not used if more than 2 teams)

b.      Total Wins

c.       Goal differential; no more than +/- 3 per game

d.      Fewest goals allowed

e.      Shutouts (not including forfeits)

f.        Coin toss


If more than two teams are tied, the sequence will be followed until a team is eliminated or advanced. The remaining teams will restart the sequence at point B above until tie is broken.


5.      The winners will receive the Ron Garloff Championship Trophy annually and will be theirs to keep.  

6.      Since Red divisions do not compete in season-ending playoffs, the 1st place team is crowned the League Champion. 


ARTICLE IX - ADMINISTRATIVE RULES                                                                    

A.     League Fees

1.      In order to help the league facilitate and manage the divisions for the fall and spring seasons, the league requires a club to place a $200 deposit at each of the August and March meetings club participation. Failure of the club to pay the deposit at the August and March meetings will result in the club being ineligible to participate. 

2.      In addition, any club which has failed to submit all fees due for the season by the due date will result in a 10% penalty of the remaining balance plus forfeiture of the $200 deposit.

B.     Postponement of games

1.      In the case of inclement weather the home team must notify the LVYSL referee coordinator of the cancellation of games. This notification must occur 2 hours before the game is scheduled to start. In addition, the home team must notify the visiting team of such cancellation. In the event both teams arrive, the Referee will determine if the game will be played.

2.      In the case of severe weather, the Executive Board shall have the authority to cancel the day’s schedule of games. It is the responsibility of the Executive Board to notify each club representative. Various media methods may be employed.

3.      All games will be played at the designated location and scheduled time.

4.      Any game change requests after the schedule is posted must be submitted to Scheduler at least 1 week prior to the scheduled game. Any game changes submitted less than 1 week must be submitted to the Executive Board for review and disposition. If the postponed game is not rescheduled within 7 days after postponement, the Executive Board may schedule the game at their discretion, and the teams must play or a forfeit may be enforced. League reschedule fees apply as stated in the bylaws.   

5.      See the LVYSL addendum on guidelines regarding lightning safety.

C.     Protests

1.     A protest may be filed for the following reasons:

·        Rule interpretation

·        Player eligibility

·        Violations of LVYSL or EPYSA rules

2.    The referee and opposing coach must be notified verbally or in writing prior to, during, or prior to departure from the field of play that a protest is being made. Such protests will be annotated on the lineup sheet and initialed by the referee and the protesting coach. Exception: a player’s eligibility protest or disqualification may be made at any time prior to the end of the current season.                       

3.      A formal written protest (postmarked or emailed) must be made in triplicate within seventy-two (72) hours after the game. One copy shall be sent to the LVYSL President, one copy to the opposing coach and a third copy retained for the protestant’s file. The contents of the letter will contain the following information:

·        A protest fee as set by the fee schedule

·        Name, address (or email) and telephone number of the protesting team coach and the club representative

·        Location, time and date of the game

·        All facts regarding the protest, including the desired solution.

4.      No protest fee shall be returned if the protest is denied, or if the protest is improperly filed. Any protests upheld will result in the return of the protest fees. Any executive board member involved as a coach or acting as a witness or club rep in a protest must recuse themselves  

D.     Discipline

1.      Any player accruing three (3) yellow cards during a season will be required to miss the next scheduled league game.

2.      Any player receiving a red card (except for #3) will be required to miss their next scheduled league game. If a player receives a second red card, that player will be suspended for their next two (2) scheduled league games.

3.      Any player receiving a red card for violent conduct in a game will be disqualified from participation for the remainder of the season.

4.      Any manager/coach who is asked to leave a game by the referee will be required to miss the next scheduled league game. If a manager/coach is asked to leave a second game that manager/coach will be required to miss the remainder of the season.

E.     Crowd and Fan Control

1.      Both participating teams are held responsible for crowd and fan control before, during and after a match with primary responsibility to their own fans.

2.      No individuals may take a position to watch the match from behind either of the goals or the player's benches and should generally seat themselves on the opposite side of the field from the player's benches

3.      By request of the Referee, a coach or club official will provide safe and expedient escort to the Referee, until his exit from club grounds, and record and submit to this league any incidents resulting from this escort.


F.     Forfeits

1.      A game is forfeited when either teams fails to field seven (7) players within fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled start of a game.

2.      If a team fails to appear, the other team will pay the referee fee (1/2 regular fee). Referee fees will be reimbursed by LVYSL in the event of a forfeit.

3.      If neither team appears, the Executive Board will decide on the imposition of sanctions and the league will pay the referee fee (1/2 regular fee).

4.      In the event of a forfeit, the team causing the forfeit will be assessed the prescribed forfeit fee. The fine must be paid within ten (10) days of receipt of the notification of the fine from the league. Failure to pay the assessed fine within the prescribed time will result in forfeit of all games going forward until fine is paid.

5.      In the event a team disbands after the season starts, a fine will be assessed as set forth in the fee schedule. Non-payment of the fine will cause the affiliated club to be in poor-standing with the LVYSL.

G.    Referees

1.      Licensed referees will be assigned by the Referee Coordinator. If there are insufficient licensed referees, non-licensed referees may also be assigned by the Referee Coordinator.

2.      Games will be covered by an EPSARC-certified referee who will have full control of the game. In the event the league-assigned referee does not appear, both coaches may mutually agree to a non-certified referee to cover the game. No protests will be honored by the league pertaining to games so officiated.  

3.      Both teams will pay one half (1/2) the prescribed Referee’s fee prior to the start of play.

4.      Only at the request of the referee, each team shall provide a linesman for all regular season games. The linesman may not be a player of either participating team or under 12 years of age.

5.      In the event a game is postponed by the referee prior to the start due to weather conditions, one-half (1/2) of the prescribed fee shall be paid to the referee by each team.

6.      In the event a game is postponed due to weather conditions after play has started, the referee will paid the prescribed fee in full, for that game only.  

H.     Player Equipment and Field of Play

1.      Player equipment shall conform to US Soccer rules. In the event of duplicate jersey colors, the home team shall provide the alternate color.

2.      Teams may not have more than three (3) registered coaches on the sidelines during a scheduled league match.

3.      The field of play shall conform to EPYSA recommended guidelines for each age group/size.

I.       Grievance and Arbitration Procedure

The Lebanon Valley Youth Soccer League will follow the grievance and arbitration guidelines and procedures established by EPYSA.  LVYSL will accept from the Referee, club official or EPSARC any complaint or grievance concerning crowd control or club conduct and immediately refer the matter to the Executive Board. The Board shall discuss the complaint and decide on any one or more of the following actions:

·        Dismissal of the complaint

·        Place Club on probation for a minimum of the remainder of that season to a maximum of three years.

·        Fine the responsible club not less than $100.00, with a maximum fine of $500.00.

·        Suspend appropriate parties from any or all Club / League activities for up to three years



A.     EPYSA fees

a.      Player fee  (all registered Fall and newly registered in Spring) – as established by EPYSA

b.      Team Administration fee (annual) - $7

c.      Team Insurance fee (annual) - $32

B.     LVYSL Registration fees (all per player or team registered)

a.      Player fees - $3 per player

b.      Team Application fees  – $18 (U12 and older); $7.50 (U8/U10)

c.       Referee Coordinator fee - $15 per team

C.     League Fees

a.      Protest fee – $100

b.      Administrative game reschedule fee - $15

c.       Game referee fees – as determined in accordance with EPYSA guidelines

d.      Preseason deposit fee - $200

D.     League Fines

a.      Illegal/Ineligible Player - $200 (plus League review)

b.      Game Forfeit  – U12 and older - $100; U8/U10 - $50

c.       Add/Drop/Disbanded team - $50 after deadline

d.      Unexcused meeting absence - $25

e.      Mandatory Coaches meeting - $25

f.        Improper lineup sheets - $10

g.      Poor field markings/no corner flags - $10

h.      No Report  of game score- $10

i.        Late Preseason fee - $200

j.        Late balance of league payment (after 30 days) – 10% of amount due (plus forfeiture of $200 deposit.

E.     Fees paid for services provided to LVYSL are listed in a separate Appendix.


A.     Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws may be proposed only by a league club rep or a board member to the league President in writing at a general meeting or before such scheduled meeting.

B.     Proposed amendments shall be read at that general meeting, discussed and tabled until the next meeting for further discussion and research. Passage of amendments shall require an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the voting members present at a subsequent meeting. Such amendments shall be made effective at the adjournment of the meeting in which it has been approved.

C.     Proposed amendments which are defeated cannot be re-introduced until after a three (3) month waiting period.

D.     Amendments to Article VI, VII, and VIII can be voted on and passed with a majority vote at any given meeting, provided a quorum is present. If approved, the change will be implemented immediately.


A.     In the event of a conflict between the constitution and the by-laws, the provisions of the constitution shall control.

B.     EPYSA/USSF rules supersede state rules where EPYSA/USSF sponsored competitions are concerned.

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